for Manufacturers

  • ScalableYou can deliver your training to 1 or 1000 with the same effort.
  • Cost EffectiveOnline Learning can be delivered at minimal cost. Training and travel costs are eliminated.
  • Increased ProductivityThe Jewelry Coach frees your sales team up to focus on increasing sales while leaving the training to us.
  • Increased EffectivenessKnowledge retention rates are higher with e-learning than traditional instructor led or classroom based training.
  • MeasurableWe provide you with data on the results of courses taken at the retail level-who took training, time spend ont it and the result.
  • AccessibleOnline training allows for 24/7 accessibility to your company's information.

for Retailers

  • Save MoneyE-learning can be leveraged among multiple learners at minimal cost.
  • Save TimeOnline training allows for 24/7 accessibility and is available anywhere.
  • ConvenientNo need to alter the daily store schedule; eliminates travel time and cost.
  • Rewards ProgramThe Jewelry Coach sponsors a rewards program for your sales professionals - prizes for more courses completed.
  • Enhance the Learning ExperienceLearning is engaging and interactive; knowledge retention rates are higher with e-learning.
  • Track ResultsOur system can tell you which employees took training, amount of time spent and the result.

for Sales Professionals

  • Fun and InteractiveEye popping content will entertain while it informs.
  • More ControlYou get to control the pace of training.
  • Earn MoreThe more you learn, the more you sell - studies prove it.
  • More DynamicGet ready for videos, illustration and animation to hold your attention.
  • More FlexibleLearn when you're ready - between customers, before or after work, or anytime, 24/7.
  • More RewardingEarn rewards for taking courses and redeem for great prizes!